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I’m obsessed with detox’s and anything that give you an effect of flushing out all the toxins in your system. After doing David Kirsch’s 48 Hour Supercleanse (I’ll write a post on that in the future), which was wonderful I wanted to try something new and of course everyone and their Mother have tried this. The reason why I wanted to try this was to try to rid myself of the fatigue I was feeling and to be an aid in weight loss. The product states to give you an intensive cleanse of your digestive system and to leave you feeling energised and motivated.

I picked up the 28 Day Teatox from Holland and Barrett for £34.99.

The tea comes in little aesthetically pleasing thin pyramid teabags, which allow the tea to infuse with the water  really well. The teabags come in two resealable bags for use during the day (28 bags) and at night (14 bags). The day is to be taken each morning and the night to be taken every other night, as in a Monday you would have the day and night tea, Tuesday just the day tea, and Wednesday the day and night tea ect ect. The night tea should be taken with remembrance of the laxative effect which is due around six to eight hours after consumption. As for the taste, I love it! I am a herbal tea fanatic anyway, so if you’re not Read More


I think sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves, and are so concerned about whatever is happening around us that we don’t see what effects it can have to our health. I’m currently reading a book, and I come across a line “Your thoughts are… Read More


Expanding my blog into something more than the ramblings of a girl who likes putting things on her face. Writing random spiels of whatever if floating through my mind and publishing them on the internet seems to be a favourite past time of mine, ha, and if i’m truthful, I miss it. I’ve named my posts ‘words without meaning’ mainly because I don’t want what I write to be looked into or analysed as if i’m a feature in an English textbook. I’m rambling again, but I thought i’d bring a more personal factor back into my writing. 🙂